« A company built through its projects. »

R Group is a global actor working in the fields of industrial design and new technology. Its companies conceive, produce and commercialise products for themselves or for its clients’ projects in domains varying from the medical technology to furniture design. The common link is R Group’s unique ability to ingrate horizontally the competencies and skills of all its companies, brands, and teams of electronic and mechanical engineers, industrial designers, webmasters, graph designers and craftmen. Since 2014, R Group has been consolidated by the acquisition of new production capabilities and is now organised in 4 companies and 12 brands, all based in Europe and working for international clients. R Group is first and foremost a company built through its projects and those of its clients.

Bruno Lamoureux
President & CEO.


« Integrated solutions that extend beyond simple aesthetic research. »


« A R&D hub consolidated by plastic, mechanic and electronic production units. »

Prototype Manufacturing

« An unmatched scope of capabilities and expertise . »


« Manufacturing solutions to support your business. »

Assembly & Supply

« Controlling your global assembly and supply chains. »


« Personalised Marketing Playbook. »


Creative modelling

Among the main ongoing or recently delivered projects made by R Design figure: an interactive gaming platform for the French automotive industry leader Citroën, a rocking horse for kids, a dental working unit designed for the industry’s world leader and a lamp that also serves as a sound speaker. The group’s brand ‘Enko creatio’ has received international media coverage during its presentation at the Milan Design Week and Paris Design Fair (Maison&Objet) where it was praised for its integrated solutions that extend beyond simple aesthetic research.


Creative design
Mechanic design
Electronic design

R-R&D develops projects in electronic, mechanic, medical (dental and podiatry) engineering and industrial design from its research units based in Paris and Bordeaux. In 2014, R-R&D was strengthened by the acquisition of new plastic, mechanic and electronic production units in Alsace, eastern France. R Group is now successfully developing into one of Europe’s research leader in dental and podiatric research with the recent development of a new disinfection technology for dental devices for the industry’s world leader and a new podiatric treatment unit produced and commercialised directly by the Group’s brand ‘Podiafrance’. R Group is also involved in software R&D and recently developed new computer programs for device performance measurement and office management for dentists and podiatrists.


Prototype Manufacturing
Creative modelling
3D modelling
Mechanical prototyping

Building on its experience in High-Tec industrial (medical) and design industries, R-Prototype can deliver plastic prototypes for the Group, its clients its partners in all the domains in which R-Group is active. R Group also offers its client with a varied and complete expertise in prototype manufacturing



R Group owns the industrial means that are necessary for the final production of its own projects and those of its clients. R Manufacturing’s equipment ranges from plastic injection machinery to precise cutting and bending mechanical tools with products varying in complexity and size from 0 to 700 tons in 1 to 5 axis. In 2013, R Group acquired the work plant EPI in Alsace, Eastern France, qualified with the industry standard ISO 90001.


Assembly & Supply
Qualified ISO 13485 and ISO 9001

In 2014, R Group acquired NWT, a German-based medical assembly and supply company thus enabling it to master assembly, supply and distribution processes for itself and its clients. R Assembly is qualified with the industry standards ISO 13485 and ISO 90001.


Personalised Marketing
Web design

R Graphics helps its clients in the design of packaging, softwares, smartphone applications, website and other electronic platforms. R Group places graphic and electronic research at the heart of its projects. Recently, the Group has been remarked for the development of management and device performance control software for dentists and podiatrists.




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